Precision work and an eye for detail

This is arguably the most demanding kind of photography, as the photo on the packaging will be seen by the customer for years to come. We have to work precisely and meticulously. Packaging design has changed: nowadays it shouldn’t look too stylized or too pimped. The days of varnishing and dummy foods are coming to an end, but we still work with tweezers to position leaves just so, use syringes to create beautifully shaped splashes of oil, and brushes to paint shiny reflections or to emphasise crispiness with a touch of brown. The food should look authentic, high quality, refined, innovative, inspiring and – of course – delicious. This is how your product will come across. We work on two photo shoots simultaneously, including food styling, to ensure a quicker product relaunch. So get busy with the layouts, we’ve got the tweezers at the ready!